47Trading Co., Ltd. delivers well-maintained, top-quality used vehicles from Japan to customers around the world.

    We have shipped to over 10 countries, with sales to Southeast Asian countries

    - in particular, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Australia - making up the vast majority of our sales.

    The world is full of used cars that can still be driven, and there are people who seek those vehicles.

    Our goal is to be a company that contributes to car business field and society by leveraging the know-how we have accumulated to provide products and services,

    and fulfill our customers expectations.

Store Guide

Company name 47 TRADING CO.,LTD
Founded April 1989
Established 13.SEPTEMBER 2017
Representative Representative director & President Hidekazu Narita
Head office 5-130-4 Daisen Nishimachi ,Sakaiku Sakai City, Osaka Japan
Staff 10 (27th November 2017)
Content of business Export and sales of brand new and used car, spare parts and accessories,
commodities and general goods
Capital 3,000,000RM (100% owned by Hidekazu Narita)
AUTHORISED Capital 10,000,000RM
Banks Risona bank, Ikeda Senshu Bank
History January 1989
Founded as Heisei Auto
Distributing brand new and used cars
13,September 2017
Change company name as 47Tradind Co.,Ltd
Concentrate Malaysia market
Also distributing brand new and used cars in Japan